CCWAPSS : Pentest and score the security level of a webapps

The purpose of the scoring scale CCWAPSS is to share a common evaluation method for web application security assessments/pentests between security auditors and final customers.

This scale does not aim at replacing other evaluation standards but suggests a simple way of evaluating the security level of a web application.

CCWAPSS is focused on rating the security level of a distinct web application, web services or e-business platform. CCWAPSS does not aim at scoring a whole heterogenic perimeter.

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Creator a dit…

we wish to use your scoring system in our pentests.
I think you should provide downloadable GIFs /PNGs of scoring icons instead of letting us cut and paste from PDF.

Good starting point however. We'll feedback you with something about your methodology after some pentests.


Stefano Coletta a dit…

The formula:

Score = 10 - Σ Risks + ( Σ Excellents / Σ Risks )

is wrong because if you have Risks = 0 and Excellents = 1 you get 1/0 that is an impossible division.

I think you should put a condition:

Risks > 0 in the overall formula.

N. a dit…

By nature Risk is NEVER 0.
When you perform security assessment, you never say that an application / environment / vulnerability is at no risk. You say that risk is low / moderate / high. After, it's up to you to accept or reject the risk.

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Sylvain Maret a dit…

Thanks for this good job. It gives me a good way to explain risk to my customers.

Great Job


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Anonyme a dit…
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